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The topic is widely debated in the country whether or not the Citizenship test is implemented for all Americans or just those coming into America. Just recently, Arizona has become the first state to implement the citizenship test as part of the high school education. Having more Americans understand what it is to be an American will retrospectively increase the amount of people coming to vote and knowing the law.

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American’s are brought up in this country learning different subjects and United States/World History. Apart of learning this information, they do not see the importance and value of what being American is. With soon to be Americans as well as soon to be graduated High School students, there needs to be an understanding on what it takes to be a Citizen of the United States of America. This also allows for American’s to know laws of the land and understand how the government works.

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Growing up, I saw many people not knowing a lot of United States History and what it takes to be a Citizen of the United States of America. From education cuts, we are seeing a larger decrease of what people know and how many of them actually understand of where and why we function as a country. Furthermore, many become distraught and frustrated with the government because they believe they cannot make a difference. My father, an immigrant of this country, came in and took the necessary steps in becoming a citizen in the United States. I questioned why to become a citizen, immigrants needed to take a test while we as citizens do not and live not knowing what it takes to be a citizen.
A. Cervantes

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Even Richard Dreyfuss now thinks that we need to re-introduce civics into high school.