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The global population of people aged 60 years and older will more than double the next 25 years. Sociopathy is on the rise. The number of elder abuse victims will increase rapidly growing to 320 million VICTIMS by 2050. Shame, guilt, shorter life span of victims leads to massive underreporting of actual crimes. Save your vulnerable parents & grandparents from being taken advantage of or worse before it’s too late.

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Change California criminal law to (1) outlaw coercive control, (2) outlaw predatory marriage, and (3) require that kids of aging parents be notified of parents' health status changes, because no one should have to go through what my family went through and is continuing to go through. The UK has made coercive control a crime. Ontario, Canada has made predatory marriage a crime. California's AB328 mades progress on defining predatory marriage. 9,000 cases of elder abuse are reported annually in San Diego county alone, nearly twice the amount of violent crimes. Most will never be investigated. There are insufficient criminal deterrent and extremely unsatisfactory and grossly expensive civil remedies. The laws must change. The emotional, physical, and financial toll is unconscionable. Strengthen and criminalize laws of coercive control, predatory marriage, and undue influence to protect your loved ones from being taken advantage of by people who don't have their best interest at heart.

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My father, Robert H. "Bob" Rau, a well-loved family man and good friend to many, was a victim of undue influence and by a litigious woman with a history of preying on and isolating men and other victims with a mendacious campaign for her own financial gain. The collateral emotional damage to our family is indescribable and unfathomable, as it was to the other families she manipulated before ours. Bob's family would have given anything to have those last few precious months with him, but were kept away and not informed of his hospitalization, hospice, or death. Bob Rau was alone when the mortuary came to pick up his body, because his new younger wife went shopping and overspent his credit card limit, and depleted his estate, when Bob should have been surrounded by his loving children, grandchildren, family, and friends at the end, just as he had been his entire life.

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I think it’s wrong that this is not a crime.
2 weeks ago
This definitely needs to be addressed. AZ, HI, NY, SD, TN, UT & U.S. Virgin Islands have Peter Falk law versions.
3 weeks ago
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L. Rau

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I think it’s wrong that this is not a crime.