Your participation by voting, providing a pledge, and engaging your thoughts with others will help influence the direction of this debate. The repeal of the DACA will affect 800,000 children, teens and young adults and if nothing is done, these children, teens and young adults will be forced out of the country.

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In 2012, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) was created by President Obama as an Executive Order to immediately assist children who were born in another country and immigrated to the United States illegally. September 5, 2017, President Donald Trump announced he is ending DACA (Dream Act) and handing off the debate to Congress. This decision has been a long time coming. However Trump has put an expiration date on it, not to push people out of the United States (which many see as home) but to legitimize a law with congress. We now need to act accordingly by building off of the original platform that President Obama's administration created and adapt it to new immigration law. Doing so will strengthen our economy, strengthen our military, strengthen our families and strengthen our country.

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Those who gave their names to the government for DACA were given temporary amnesty through the government from President Obama’s Executive order. Since then over 800,000 children and young adults have presented their case so they can move toward a path to citizenship. Many have lived in the United States before the age of 6 by their immigrated parents. We are now looking at congress to pass a path to citizenship for these children whom have worked so hard to be American citizens. By supporting(+) this debate, you believe the United States Congress, both House of Representatives and Senate need to pass a path toward citizenship for those that were a part of DACA as stated in the DREAM ACT 2017. By opposing(-) this debate, you believe the United States Congress, both House of Representatives and Senate do not need to build legislation for children who were brought here to the United States and should let DACA be dismissed.
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