Financially Compensate NCAA Student-Athletes.

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Certain students earn a scholarship that would allow them to go to a 4 year college or University. Those that do and don’t have scholarships share the reality of not being able to enjoy the millions of dollars produced from the fruits of their labors on and off the field. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) uses their non-profit status to profit 100% of the revenue that comes from students.

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College student-athletes are expected to perform both academically and athletically day in and day out. However, being a student-athlete requires handling a grueling schedule that a normal student wouldn’t have to go through. Because of this student-athletes have no time for a job that can provide them with food and items outside of what their scholarship can provide. A majority of college Student-Athletes rely on scholarships to be able to afford to attend a college or university. Many don’t come from a rich background and have to do with what a scholarship can give them.
This leads to many students going hungry at times of the night. It’s also not like they can take free stuff either from coaches, family, friends etc. because their participation would be at risk. The NCAA does not allow student-athletes to accept gifts or donations.

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The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), a non-profit organization, brings in billions of dollars each year because of student-athletes in three different competitive divisions (I, II, and III). They have multi-year million dollar deals lined up with huge television programs. The top Division 1 schools can afford to pay head coaches millions of dollars per year. Many people argue that this money will help colleges and universities grow to better help students. That this money will go towards student projects, improving campuses, and constructions, etc. This is why many argue that student athletes don’t need money when they’re already receiving an education from a top university from a U.S school. This is ridiculous. As a student-athlete myself I understand the stress and anger of having to live two different lives.

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This causes an already unfair sphere of competition to become even more so.
1 year ago
F. Mancillas

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This causes an already unfair sphere of competition to become even more so.