Fixing the Death Penalty

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Do murderers deserve to die? Does the death penalty deter crime? What is an alternative to death penalty? Do all criminal qualify for death penalty? Is death penalty cruel and unusual punishment? How long should people stay on death row before they are executed? What about murders with no consciousness? Should people who can’t feel remorse be executed?

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We are doing a school project in about things we need to change in the modern world. We have decided to do a project on the US death penalty policies. We are looking for opinions on how to fix the death penalty. Above we have included questions that might start debate along with some information we have gathered. We are looking for solutions that would have the capability to satisfy both sides of the argument. Please don't have arguments that aren't productive. We are looking for opinions on how to make efficient change. (Also please do NOT donate any money.)

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Info/History: In the past, the death penalty changed constantly. By the 1700’s, Britain had made 222 crimes, punishable by death. Britain had the biggest influence on America’s use of the death penalty. Minor crimes such as stealing grapes and trading with Natives were punishable by death. These excessive sentences led to changes in what crimes were worthy of the punishment of death. By 1827, 100 crimes were removed from the list of crimes punishable by death in Britain and its colonies. Compared to the past, the US is doing a lot better with it's death penalty policies. Today in the US, it costs an average $168,000 just to keep a regular criminal in jail. However, it cost over one million dollars just to keep a inmate on death row. This is is because they have to separate these people into high security prisons, which cost more and, it takes months, even years, for an inmate to actually be executed. This puts stress on taxpayers to pay for these people's meals and housing.

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The death penalty and the justice system are flawed. Innocent people have been convicted only to be exonerated later on.
4 years ago
M. Students

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The death penalty and the justice system are flawed. Innocent people have been convicted only to be exonerated later on.