Increase Number of Business Loans for Entrepreneurs

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This bill will raise the amount of money accessible to small business owners This positively affects anyone attempting to start a small business, which is a significant amount of people in our country. This benefits everyone in our country as a whole. The actions of small business owners stimulates business and job growth in our economy.

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Making funds accessible to small business owners is important to the progress and growth of our economy. Small business has time and again been cited as being the backbone of our nation's economy. With the current laws, small business owners are capped at only being able to access a certain number of investors in their start-ups. Congresswoman Nydia M. Velazquez has recently brought to the table a bill (H.R. 1915). This bill will provide the Administrator of the Small Business Administration authority to increase the amount of general business loans for these small business owners as well as an increase in the potential number of investors in these new businesses.

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As a citizen in California's Silicon Valley, small business owners are all around me. This concept is developing at a higher rate around the country as we see small business booming around the country (ex. Raleigh/Durham, Austin, Seattle). With small business being such a significant portion of our economy, it is important that we take a stance on this bill to support these businesses around the United States. Link to Congressional Bill:

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