Isn't it about time we had affordable housing in California?

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This bill affects Californians who live in areas with housing supply issues, especially those who are seeking low income or affordable housing. These people and the construction industry stand to benefit from the allocation of up to $1 billion of state funds from redevelopment agency dissolution projects that reallocate once frozen tax revenue from local governments and counties toward new housing developments.

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This affordable housing crisis is driving everyone crazy. Sure we have a great and growing economy, but when you have to commute three hours to get to work there's a problem. California has 12% of the nation’s population but 20% of the homeless population. This bill replaces the almost $1 billion in funding from local agencies for housing that all but dried up when the RDAs dissolved. New building and revitalization will focus on providing housing for those who are moderate to very low income. 50% will be focused on low income and 25% on extremely low income. 50% of this funding will be allocated at the state level while the other 50% will be allocated to local agencies to finance housing development projects. This bill will provide a massive boost to the construction industry from new projects. It will loosen the extremely tight housing supply. Opposing views prefer to deregulate the housing industry in California, but new developments will not be middle and low income housing.

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Share your personal story along with an argument in the arguments section and share this debate with your friends! It will take all of us to solve the affordable housing shortage. Here is Michelle's story and personal take on the housing crisis:

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I support affordable housing in some communities, throughout the state of California.
3 years ago
In CA a minimum wage earner must work ~130hrs/week for 52 weeks /yr to afford a 2bedroom apartment
3 years ago
In 2015, the average CA home costed $440,000 about 2.5x the average national home price ($180,000)
3 years ago
In 2013, median monthly rent in CA was $1,240, nearly 50% more than the national average.
3 years ago
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J. Harvey

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I support affordable housing in some communities, throughout the state of California.