Label Neo-Nazis as a Terrorist Group

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The Neo-Nazi extremists have been in the spotlight lately. It is not a secret that there is a racial divide in the United States. Neo Nazi organizations have been using this narrative to stage violent protests. These protests empower white extremists to commit violent crimes on US soil. Passing H.J.R.583 is the first step in labeling racist extremist organizations like the Neo-Nazis as a terrorist organization.

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The white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia this past August was the event that put the spotlight on white extremist organizations. During this event, a person protesting the rally lost her life when a white extremist decided to drive over a group of people with their car

Democrat John Ray Clemons (Nashville, TN) introduced H.J.R.583, a bill that would ensure that nothing similar would happen in his home state. H.J.R.583 would be an important stepping stone in calling out white nationalist Neo-Nazi organizations for what they really are--a terrorist organization. Enforcement agencies would be able to recognize and criminally pursue these organizations as terrorist groups. Passing this H.J.R.583 would cause a domino effect that would ultimately keep American citizens safe from a violent and racist organization.

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These white nationalist groups often incite violence. They also motivate racist and violent people who have the same beliefs to show their real selves. They cause emotional and psychological harm to others. No one should feel unsafe walking down the street or in other public places. There is no room for a racist and violent group on American soil. These Neo-Nazi organizations need to be denounced for what they really are. They are a terrorist organization that terrorizes minority populations through emotional and physical trauma. H.J.R.583 will be the first step to ensure safety for American citizens.

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