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There are over 15 states who do not allow "As Is" because dealers take advatange of consumers with this law. Dealers are injuring people with there misrepresntation of there used cars and getting away with it due to this law. We need a change ! Why should consumers who work hard for there money be taken advatage of , when dealers withhold important facts there are aware of? WHY ARE THEY PROTECTED ?

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"As Is" with used cars allows the dealers to sell there used cars that are unsave and have defects while withhold important facts making it impossible for the buyer to make an informed decision.
Having the wrong size tires , even after the service department tells the sales associate the tires are not recommended for that car. These tires are over 7 years older than the vechicle and they took them off and older 4 door car and put them on a 2 door newer car . The dealer allows the new buyer to take 2 of there cars off the lot to a friend down the street to change the tires and rims and basically switch them because this new buyer would like to have newer tires. The dealership agrees because they are friends of the family . The dealer then gets both cars back and sells the newer car with the oversized tires that are not recommended and does not tell the consumer any of these facts. The dealer sells the car withholds the instruments not working , and the older tires on the ca

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I bought a car that had issues during the test drive it was shaking and I was told it would be taken care of, during the signing of the contracts I refused to sign the 'AS IS " until I was sure the shaking was taken care of, I was told at this time it was on the lift and it was being taken care of and not to worry they promised to take care of it , I stated I do not want to buy it if it is still shaking. I signed the 'AS IS ' because I was reassured it would be resolved. I took the car 2 weeks later and noticed it was still shaking, took the car back and they stated there was nothing wrong with the car and it is just the way it drives, I called the sales associate several times stating it was stil shaking, we brought it again back to the dealer and again we where told nothing was wrong with it.

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