Limit Federal Gun Control in 2018

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Americans who own guns, work in gun sales and gun manufacturing will all be affected by this bill. It will restrict gun commerce by not giving incentives for the purchase of guns through a stricter gun ownership process. It will also ban several types of popular rifles that many Americans use and want to continue to purchase. All in all, the cost of a more expansive federal regulation of guns is less competition.

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The SAFER Now Act (H.R. 5410) would require many Americans to go to unnecessary lengths to purchase guns and would hurt small and big business alike because of the limitations of gun sales imposed. Requiring background checks, buy-back programs, federal bans on assault weapons is a danger to the business that manufactures and sell. In addition to taking away from the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans, this bill’s passage would lead to further neglect of mental health issues that cause mass shootings in the United States. This proposal will take away the long-standing precedent of competition and diversity of products in the gun industry and marketplace. On top of the infringement on commerce, the prohibition of high-round magazines and assault rifles will affect millions of Americans who own guns.

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Guns are essential to the constitutional rights of Americans and to the commerce that occurs with a large number of gun sales in the United States. There has been a legal precedent of relatively liberal gun ownership and rights (with regards to accessories, magazines, gun show sales, retail sales, stocks, grips, etc.) that has slowly been degrading in response to the terrible acts committed by mentally unstable people in our nation's schools and streets. Yes, mentally ill people should not have guns, but we should not limit the rights of law-abiding Americans citizens in the name of fixing a mental health problem. Living in California there is really harsh gun control compared to the states in the Mid West and South. The stricter gun control legislation has not caused the amount of gun related deaths to go down nor has it incentivized less purchase of guns. In fact, more people are purchasing assault weapons and regular firearms in anticipation of harsher federal gun legislation.

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The right to bear arms is a constitutional right.
10 months ago
The right to bear arms is a constitutional right.
10 months ago
we were given the right to own firearms in case the government had to be overthrown by the American citizens.
1 year ago
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G. Honig

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The right to bear arms is a constitutional right.