Make Daylight Savings Year Round

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AB 807 looks to permanently leave the sun out one more hour in the day. This means one more hour to be able to enjoy California and its beauty with friends and families. Why keep falling back an hour, when we can spring forward to a beautiful day in California? - New bill S. 670.

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California is known for being an outdoors state. Going to parks, trails, beaches, and mountains make up the majority of activities that people can do in California. By keeping California in spring daylight savings time people would sacrifice an hour of darkness in the morning in order to enjoy one more hour of light in the afternoon.

This means that we would no longer need to turn back or move the clock forward twice a year. This would bring major benefits to the people of California. For example, an hour more of daylight in the afternoon can mean more time together for a lot of California families.

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Passing AB 807 would bring a lot of benefits to Californians. For starters, one more hour of light in the afternoon means more time to do after school or work activities. The weather is always amazing in California so making sure we enjoy physical activities in the sun is a plus. Also, not having to drive home in the dark is a plus for the thousands of Californians that have to drive home in the afternoon after work. The most beneficial result of passing this bill would obviously be not having to change the alarm or our sleeping schedule twice a year.

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Permanent DST forces early waking to increase spending. Permanent Standard Time is best for health, safety, education.
5 months ago
F. Mancillas

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