Make Marijuana Legal to Increase Tax Revenue

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If passed, HR1227 will end the long standing federal prohibition on marijuana and will immediately stop all federal prosecution of possession, trade and consumption of it. Medicinal marijuana users would benefit, by being able to use their marijuana safely, and without worry. Further, large small and medium sized business will be able to create products that are taxable that will help the greater national economy

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An end to the Federal Prohibition on Marijuana is a large win for Individual Liberty and
State’s Rights. People needing access to Medicinal Marijuana will not have to deal with
fear of being prosecuted by the Federal government and will have the access they
deserve. Further, people with past history of marijuana charges will potentially have those
charges dropped. States will have the option to vote in a tax on marijuana sales, and this
could be hugely profitable not just for states, but for the federal government as well.
Overall, a reverse on this ban would open up a new industry, increase interstate
commerce/spending and create more jobs for the private market.

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This bill has majority support from 27 Democrats and a minority of 5 Republicans. California recently passed a law that legalizes the use of marijuana and this bill reflects that, with 8 Californian representatives signed as cosponsors. HR1227 would end the federal prohibition of transportation of marijuana. This would give regulatory power to state governments. Federal prohibition of marijuana as a federally prosecutable offense has been in effect since 1970. The Tax Foundation found that an end to the federal ban could generate up to $28 billion more per year for federal programs. If the federal government were to tax bulk marijuana at the same rate as tobacco, it would make an extra $500 million per year. Washington sees $2 million of sales everyday from marijuana products alone. This income is important because it represents a new industry being created. Public opinion of this measure is largely favorable.

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