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H.R. 861, introduced by Rep. Matt Gaetz, is looking to put an end to the Environmental Protection Agency. By ending the Environmental Protection Agency program millions in taxpayer money would be saved. However, the natural disasters that can happen from human made climate change would end up costing us much or more than what we would save.

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Many supporters of this bill argue that the EPA is a waste of tax payer money. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/861 Currently, the EPA uses about $8.3 billion of the federal budget to function. Additionally, many argue that the EPA affects local small businesses that can’t afford the costs that are tied to being compliant.

These short term issues do not overshadow the bigger picture that is at play. The world is facing massive animal extinctions, the displacement of humans and animals due to extreme weather events, and millions of dollars being used in natural disaster relief.

Hurricane Harvey and Irma alone cost between $150 and $200 Billion dollars. The EPA is crucial in providing aid and scientific studies that aim towards lowering our carbon footprint in the world, keeping the environment stable, and providing knowledge that can possibly help prevent huge man-made natural catastrophes.

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Ending the EPA wouldn’t get rid of it entirely. There are several important laws that the EPA has helped pass that are currently still active like the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts that are important to conserving the environment. No EPA means it would be extremely hard to pass laws like these. Also, most supporters of the H.R 861 bill have received large donations from the oil and fossil fuel industry in exchange for the end of the Environmental Protection Agency. We cannot allow our representatives to continue to put their greed in front of the wellbeing of our planet.

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