Prosecute White Collar Crimes, Fraud, and Sweetheart Scams

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We can effect great change and make sure that criminals are prosecuted. We can protect the public and protect potential victims.

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In today's system there are two options for justice when someone you know steals from you: criminal charges and civil suit. The chances of the first occurring are slim in today's criminal justice system for several reasons: under-funding of police departments and prosecutors and lack of training for police officers who investigate these charges and often determine prematurely that the issue is civil, not criminal. Remember an individual can NEVER press criminal charges. That is done by the governing authority.
In order to press civil charges the individual must hire their own attorney and pay just to file suit. In addition, even knowing the victim will win judgement against the criminal often does no good. The criminal who is an expert at committing financial fraud is not likely to suddenly obey the law and begin making payments on the judgement against them. Instead the victim will have lost thousands of more dollars pursuing a civil suit that will produce no restitution for them.

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As stated, on the Fraud Recovery Center Website, "One of the greatest obstacles to reforming the American criminal justice system on the issue of sweetheart scams and fraud is the predominant mindset of the public regarding the victims’ own “complicity” in the loss of their money. The public tends to believe that the victim should have known better and, therefore, it is not reasonable to ask that taxpayers’ dollars be spent to help them get their money back or get “revenge” on their former friend who took it. Of course, victims know how misguided this attitude is.

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