Require Epinephrine Injectors to be carried in all public schools

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This proposed legislation has already been enacted on state levels in 12 states and the ability to carry epinephrine injectors is allowed in all states except Hawaii. This new law would make it so all states will be required to stock epinephrine injectors and have the school staff trained in its use.

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Food allergies are becoming increasing prevalent in young children. Despite the rising amount of students with allergies, there is little being done in the school districts to help insure their safety. With this new proposal, it would require local schools to carry epinephrine injectors to be able to respond to any allergic reaction that may occur on the school campus with a student. In addition, the teachers and school staff shall be trained and able to use the injector on a student that may need it.

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I personally have a fatal peanut allergy and there was no regulation requiring epinephrine injectors to be stocked at my elementary school when I was there. My mother had to go to the school at the beginning of each year to teach and train some of the teachers on how to use an epipen in case I had a reaction while at school. I feel that this regulation would not only help benefit the children who are aware of their allergies, but also would be a great service to the kids who do not know that they have an allergy. Because they are not aware, they would not carry an epipen and by having one at the school, it could potentially save their life.

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Definitely a step in the right direction.
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Definitely a step in the right direction.