Should the media report the identities of mass shooters and terrorists

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This law would impact the media by restricting how it reports on shooters/terrorists by eliminating their ability to report biographical info. Victims/families would be center stage for the notoriety that they deserve News watchers would be less likely to commit mass shootings / terrorism due to loss of allure of notoriety. Costs : 1st amendment rights of the media Benefit : less shootings/terrorism because no n

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It is the business and duty of the media to report to the people the happenings of the world. The media presents the good, bad and, the ugly--but what happens if an aspect of these reports is thought to increase the prevalence of mass shootings and terrorist attacks? There should be a way to provide the public with information regarding horrific events without idolizing the responsible individuals. Often times, among the reasons to commit horrific acts, such as murdering elementary school children, is to gain notoriety. This notoriety is a promise to the potential murderer/ terrorist, made by the media the last time it extensively and constantly reported the identity and detailed backstory of the life of last month's infamous school shooting murderer/ terrorists. I wish to propose a law that would limit the biographic information (including photos and social media accounts) that the media would be allowed to broadcast without restricting the first amendment rights of the media.

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The benefits of reducing the number of mass shootings/ terrorist attacks greatly outweighs the cost of slightly limiting the free speech of news outlets. People will still be provided with plenty of information, just not information regarding the image, name, or online identity of the suspected shooter/ terrorists. The media must show restraint, not to entice copycats by glorifying terrorists / shooters.

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French media to stop publishing photos and names of terrorists
5 years ago
Great ethical question. Great debate.
5 years ago
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C. Tulchin

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French media to stop publishing photos and names of terrorists