Should Toy Guns Be Required To Look Less Realistic?

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Requiring imitation firearms to be painted a bright color could positively benefit police by making it easier to tell the difference between a real gun and a fake gun. However, this could also provide a false sense of security because real firearms could be painted to resemble the fake firearms. Imitation, airsoft and toy gun manufactures would be impacted because they would have new requirements to follow.

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HR 3224 amends the 2008 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 by prohibiting a toy, look a-like, or imitation firearm from being manufactured and sold unless it exhibits a marking approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Current legislation requires that the tip of any imitation firearm must be painted bright orange or have an orange plug. However, this feature is not always clearly visible and can easily be removed. Therefore a more obvious way to decipher between a real and a look-alike firearm is needed. If look-alike weapons are manufactured in a more obvious, distinguishable paint color (such as bright orange), police and the community may have a better chance at identifying real firearms versus fake firearms.

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Recently, the media has reported more and more stories about police shooting suspects believed to be holding real firearms. However, upon investigation of the scene, the (dead) suspect’s “weapon” was in actuality an imitation firearm that closely resembled a real firearm. Police are taught to shoot if they feel that their life is in danger. During this split second decision, there is not enough time for the policeman to closely analyze whether the suspect’s firearm pointed at him is real or fake. There are many fake firearms that closely resemble real firearms, which makes distinguishing between the two very difficult. This makes it more likely to mistake look-alike weapons for real weapons.

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THIS is a no brainer!!
3 years ago
THIS is a no brainer!!
3 years ago
THIS is a no brainer!!
3 years ago
15 year old teen shot in Santa Rosa today after aiming replica gun at police
4 years ago
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The orange tip works unless they paint the gun barrel black.
4 years ago
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THIS is a no brainer!!