Stop Guardianship Abuse of the Elderly and People with Disabilities

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Lives can be saved, victims and families can get their freedom dignity and property back and we can make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities, the elderly, and their families.

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Guardianship abuse is an epidemic across the United States and is perpetrated by the very people that are supposed to protect the elderly and disabled. Those people include but are not limited to: judges, guardians, attorneys, conservators, and other state agencies. 47 million senior citizens live in the U.S. "In 2015, of the US population with disabilities, over half (51.1%) were people between 18-64 yrs, while 41.2% were 65 and older. Disability in children and youth accounted for only 7.2% (ages 5-17) and 0.4% (under 5 years old)." All of these individuals are either victims or potential victims of the probate court system. Victims are isolated from families, have their life, liberty, and the property taken without due process (14th amendment of the US Consitution). Guardians place them in unlicensed group homes overmedicate them and many wards of the court end up dying as a result of the abuse. This abuse needs to stop. Help make and enforce laws to safeguard our rights.

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My sister is currently being exploited by the probate court system. She became disabled when trying to give birth because of hospital negligence. There was a lawsuit, settlement, and probate court officers came in and took over. Under the management of the successor trustee (who stole the position by intimidating our mother) almost $300,000 is missing and he refuses to provide proof of where her money has gone to. Her guardian and the trustee ignore her rights to make choices, refuse to get her the proper help she needs (will not sign for her to get counseling even though her insurance will pay for it and they know that our mother and brother have both died within the last year). Furthermore, the guardian refuses to take the trustee to court to have him answer for the missing funds and his neglect of my sister's residential property. Lastly, she tried to ruin my reputation because she knows I'm the main one that takes care of her.

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Two bill in Congress right now. HR 4174 and S 591 See
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Two bill in Congress right now. HR 4174 and S 591 See