Stop Highway Maintainance During Rush Hour traffic

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Less congestion on freeways and smoother flow of traffic.

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During commute times in the morning, lunchtime, and evening commute, Caltrans here in California decides they want to close lanes to sweep the highway or perform non-crucial maintenance. These types of services can be performed before and after-hours during times when most people are sleeping and not commuting on timed deadlines to work. 1am until 3-4 am would be an optimal time to perform these operations.

Here's how you can contact them. or District 4 - Bay Area / Oakland 111 Grand Ave Oakland, CA 9461 or P.O. Box 23660 Oakland, CA 94623-0660 (510) 286-4444

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Today during a lunchtime commute between meetings, I was held up at noon by an incredible amount of traffic. What I thought was most likely a severe accident that couldn't be cleared from the lanes was Cal-Trans sweeping the highway and blocking a lane of traffic, causing a massive traffic jam. I was late for my meeting because of this. There is no reason why this type of service can't be performed "after hours." This is a high-frequency event that I often see during the morning, mid-day, and evening commute. There is no reason for this to be done during rush hour. Caltrans needs to review their scheduling and get feedback from motorists. So, vote on this campaign, comment and share it. Thanks.

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Gridlock in the bay area needs solutions from all stakeholders that work. This is a good start.
2 years ago
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I. Gredinberg

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Gridlock in the bay area needs solutions from all stakeholders that work. This is a good start.