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This bill first positively impacts firefighters. They put their lives on the line protecting us from fires, and they are being exposed to hazardous chemicals. Environmentally, these chemicals will pollute our water and air sources as these PFAS never biodegrade. Producers of these chemicals would suffer from this legislation because of the future sales lost as California switches to alternative chemicals.

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As firefighters put their lives on the line to stop fires, they are exposed to hazardous chemicals from these per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, or 'PFAS. These chemicals have been linked to many health hazards such as delayed puberty, infertility, liver and kidney damage, immune system toxicity, and cancer.
The effects go beyond firefighters as these chemicals are severely damaging the environment. A National Drinking Water survey a few years ago found contamination of four PFAS in public water systems in California. These 28 public water systems that had PFAS serve over 3.5 million Californians. These are not only potentially damaging to our own human health, but the health of various species of animals all throughout California.

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The 3M Company, Dupont, and Chemours Company will be negatively affected by this legislation as they sell different types of PFAS. They recently appeared in front of US Lawmakers last September in 2019. They argued that these chemicals do not pose a human threat at their current levels, but this is contradicting external research and some of 3M’s own internal research. Senator Benjamin Allen from district 26 introduced this legislation on February 20, 2020, to the State Senate. He is also the Chair of the Senate Environmental Quality and the Joint Committee on the Arts committees. Living in a drought and fire-prone state, we have huge exposure to these toxic forever chemicals. California needs to take action to stand up to the usage of these chemicals to protect the firefighters that have risked their lives, protecting us.

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