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Some think it would give the states needed control. Others believe it is an unnecessary step and the federal government is doing just fine. Either way, this impacts everybody.

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In his book The Liberty Amendments, Mark Levin has proposed solutions to key constitutional problems of centralized government vs. the states. Americans should take a hard look at this, understand it and then make a decision about whether or not it is the right solution to some of our problems.

The amendments include:

1. Term limits, including for justices.
2. Repealing Amendment 17 and returning the election of senators to state legislatures
3. A congressional supermajority to override Supreme Court decisions (overruling what could be a stacked court)
4. Spending limit based on GDP
5. Taxation capped at 15%
6. Limiting the commerce clause, and strengthening private property rights
7. Power of states to override a federal statute by a three-fifths vote.

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Americans should have a place for open debate on such a serious topic. Everyone calls for debate but there is no open forum for this. But here you can debate, vote, comment, rebut, share etc. Anyone can do it anywhere anytime on any device. Isn't that what debate is about?

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Let's move this forward. @marklevinshow
5 years ago
Gov Greg Abbott TX Convention of States to fix the cracks in our Constitution & restore the Rule of Law.
5 years ago
TX Gov steps up.
5 years ago
Don't miss what Mark Levin had to say about the state of our nation. @COSProject
6 years ago
“@PubWorksTV: Americans can take back control of their government. #WakeUpAmerica #GodBlesstheUSA
6 years ago
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Gov Greg Abbott TX Convention of States to fix the cracks in our Constitution & restore the Rule of Law.