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The people of Santa Cruz have been deprived of In-N-Out for many years as a result of county legislation. The student population of UC Santa Cruz would serve to benefit, considering that the majority of students come from areas with In-N-Out abundant. Local restaurants would have to compete with In-N-Out, meaning small businesses have the most to lose from a successful In-N-Out location.

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An In-N-Out location in Downtown Santa Cruz would be a lively and successful addition to the county of Santa Cruz. Many students who crave the burger chain have to resort to taking their business to San Jose or elsewhere. Alternatives such as the Five Guys chain or other local restaurants like Betty’s Burgers often are too expensive for students to regularly enjoy and don’t match In-N-Out’s unique flavor. Clearly, an In-N-Out would not have an issue with revenue considering the over 19,000 young students, many of whom grew up eating the California-based burger chain. Despite the fact that small businesses would have to compete, many owners, such as Betty’s Burgers manager Seth Landig, maintain that they would still be competitive since they still have a local audience. Social media pages have garnered thousands of followers in favor of establishing an In-N-Out in the Santa Cruz county.

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The demand for In-N-Out in Santa Cruz County is clear. Many locals have used social media to show support. The facebook pages “In-N-Out to Watsonville” and “Santa Cruz REALLY needs an In-N-Out” have over 7,000 followers combined. Many students I talk to will resort to paying inordinate amounts of money to friends in San Jose to bring back a room-temperature soggy double-double with fries. The manager of Betty’s Burgers believes that such an addition wouldn’t obliterate local business, saying “We’ve always had some chains in Santa Cruz, some will come and go, but people who live in Santa Cruz will tend to frequent the local spots.” Even considering the present burger restaurants in Santa Cruz, students still lack a popular late-night burger chain to visit. An In-N-Out would not only generate more business from students, but a positive late-night social hub in the heart of the community.

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