Use Mental Health Funds for Low-Income Housing

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If this bill passes during the California elections in November it would allow the state to use $2 billion in revenue bonds from California Proposition 63 (2004) on low-income housing for people suffering from homelessness and mental illness.

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Major cities in California are facing a homelessness and mental health crisis. This is not a coincidence since the two are often linked together. The passing of proposition 2 would be beneficial to the state of California in a lot of ways. Housing projects would allow for people with mental illness to easily transition from a mental institution and into a community allowing them to become “part of society” again.

Additionally, this proposition would add a boost to the economy. Organizations backing this prop. suggest that an estimated 147,000 construction jobs would be created. They also suggest that there would be close to $1.1 billion in state and local taxes.

The opposition argues that they would not trust public institutions building and regulating facilities in their communities. Adding that these facilities may even face over population by attracting more homeless and mentally ill people. Another concern would be the possibility of drugs being brought into a community.

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Creating a state funded program that can put people into home and off of the streets is definitely a start. By doing so it would jump start other future initiatives similar to drug rehabilitation/prevention and community reintegration. Before all of this, however, we need to make sure that Proposition 2 passes this November.

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