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Students at UC Santa Cruz rely on the services of Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) along with the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (SCMTD) agreement to get around. In order to maintain these services, without going into further debt, TAPS needs the quarterly transportation fee increases provided in Measure 69.

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TAPS is currently in debt (about $3.3 million) and will have to scale back shuttle services significantly. This will hurt on-campus students who rely on the Disability Services Van, loop services, Night Owl and other means of UCSC transportation. Also, off-campus students will be burdened with getting on campus because if Measure 69 is not approved. The TAPS referendum will allow for student fee increases that will be monitored by the Students Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC). Both SFAC and the Student Union Assembly (SUA) support the measure.

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As a student at UCSC I have experienced the workings of the TAPS services and Metro agreement. The loop buses and Night Owl services are crucial to students who move around campus, whether it be for food, off-campus needs, studying or going to OPERS. The layout of the campus requires special needs from those who oversee transportation and with TAPS operating in debt it will be hard for them to better their services to accommodate a growing number of students on campus. I understand that the concern of growing tuition and student fees is a problem but due to the increasing number of students who rely on these services we can not see this measure fail. Disability Van Services are important to the numerous DRC accomadated students at UCSC who have a particularly hard time traversing the campus.

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