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The current administrations inadequate mission plan for the EPA has been to dismantle the department by defunding. Out of all the 2018 federal department budgets, the EPA became the most defunded of the year with a 26% slash going from 8.2 billion to 5.7 billion. 40% of the Research and Development Sector in the EPA was slashed in order to prevent any further regulations.

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In case you have not heard it from the 97% of scientists our environment is being destroyed along with our planet because of anthropogenic pollutants. We are losing our life support systems because of political agendas and corporate greed. The EPA must hold these sectors accountable by implementing environmental regulations, however because of the Trump administrations budget cuts, EPA policies have become a political tactic in order to undo these regulations.

The bill H.R. 229 was introduced to prohibit the EPA from influencing policy without accurate scientific research so that proper regulation can be implemented. Policy will be based on scientific evidence rather than political agendas. Voting on this bill is a vote science so that we may achieve a sustainable future for our planet.

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