Yes On H.R. 392: Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants

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Currently the United States allows a certain number of skilled immigrants based on different countries of birth. This is an issue because immigrants from certain countries have to wait longer to get a visa than certain immigrants from other countries. This house bill would look to change this system by removing a per country cap.

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The current cap per country discriminates immigrants from different countries. For example, workers trying to come from India to the United States can wait up to 50 years to get a work visa. Some immigrants from other countries trying to come to the United States would wait 1-2 years to get their work Visa. This current system can be very unfair to people from certain countries.

By saying Yes on H.R. 392 you will help eliminate the cap per country and allow high skilled immigrants to enter the United States on a first come first serve system. Supporting H.R. 392 is supporting a system that is fair and just for high skilled

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The United States needs skilled immigrant workers to be able to keep a stable economy in every job sector. Having different high skilled immigrants from different countries fairly come to the United States can not only help relationships with different countries, but also help bring in different cultures and views that can feed new ideas to help grow the economy. Imagine living in a poor country with no opportunities to be able to make something of yourself. You work your whole life to become skilled in a subject so that you can succeed, but there are just no opportunities that would allow you to do well. You decide to bring your talents and skills with you and move to the United States for a better opportunity. Then you come to realize that you have to wait 3 or 10, or maybe 30 years just to be able to be allowed into the United States. And all of this is because of an old system that is made to limit the number of people that can come from your country.

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