What is iLobby?

At iLobby, we want to help you make your voice heard.

So, we help you clarify your issue, build a coalition, and appeal to a higher authority.

The power of government relations has always been held by a small number of insiders. But now you can have the same advantages that they do. We help you succeed with the right tools, training, network, relationships, and funding.

We make the process simpler, faster, and cheaper. But it only works when all of us work together.

So, don’t be frustrated and think that you can never get anything done. Because you can. Whether you are an individual, group, or a business, you can make a change.

If you are concerned about where our country is going or feel that your Representative is out of touch and doesn’t represent the key issues that matter to you, try something different.

We empower you to make a change on issues and laws that matter to you, your business, and your community.

So extend your political reach and make your voice heard.