What is iLobby?

iLobby is your platform to advocate for change.

We want to accelerate the world’s transition to a better democracy. What does this mean, and how do it?

If you really want to make your voice heard you have to do three things.

1) Clarify your issue
2) Build a coalition
3) Appeal to a higher authority

So maybe you have tried signing a petition, writing to your congressman, attending a Townhall, calling talk radio, contributing to a campaign, or doing a fly-in with your trade association. But somehow none of these ever work. You have to ask why.

You may be doing part of the solution, but you need to do all three strategically, and that’s where we can help.

We help you succeed with the right tools, training, network, relationships, and funding. We make the process simpler, faster, and cheaper. But it only works when all of us work together.

So, don’t be frustrated and think that you can never get anything done. Because you can. I did.

After working for several years in Government Relations at MCA/Universal Studios, I realized what the top folks know about how to work with the government. You might be surprised by what you don’t know.

Whether you are an individual, group, or a business, you can make a policy change.

If you are concerned about where our country is going or feel that your Representative is out of touch and doesn’t represent the key issues that matter to you, try something different.

We empower you to make a change on issues and laws that matter to you, your business, and your community.

So extend your political reach and sign up today.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We want to make this work for everyone.


John Thibault
Founder & CEO, iLobby